Clay feet

We should remember that all A.A.’s have “clay feet.” We should not
set any member upon a pedestal and mark her or him out as a perfect
A.A. Its not fair to the person to be singled out in this fashion and if
the person is wise she or he will not wish it. If the person we single
out as an ideal A.A. has a fall, we are in danger of falling, too. Without
exception, we are all only one drink away from a drunk, no matter how
long we have been in A.A. Nobody is entirely safe. A.A. itself should
be our ideal, not any particular member of it. Am I putting my trust in
A.A. principles and not in any one member of the group?

Reprinted without permission from Hazelden’s “24 Hours a Day”

I went to a meeting tonight for some recovery and landed in a birthday meeting.  A gal with 3 years was singled out, the whole meeting was about her ‘achievement’.  Hooray for her, awesome, well done.  I’m not sure when this group officially celebrates birthdays, perhaps that’s how they do it, maybe I should find out.  I am not fond of birthday meetings which aren’t identified as such on the schedule or group bulletin board.  Nor do I care for the entire meeting becoming about the newcomer who has identified themselves as such.  Pass around a phone list and greet the newcomer at the end of the meeting.  Take a few minutes out of your tv time to shove your opinions in their faces after we’ve had our cross-talk free meeting.  Am I being overly rigid to look forward to serenity in a meeting?

It was, by and large, the responsibility of the chairperson to conduct the meeting in an orderly fashion.  The same man chairs this meeting every week, same bat time, same bat channel, and I invariably leave feeling bereft of fulfillment.  So this is about me, not the meeting or the chairperson or the gal with 3 years.  It’s about my expectations, once again, and the fact that they directly relate to my disappointments.  Hello, square one…


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