Let God be God


I have been told this twice in just over one week:  Let God be God.  The two people who said this to me could not be less connected with each other, in fact one of them told me to stay away from the other.  One of them told me from a spiritual high ground.  The other told me this because I have a tendency to play God.  That having been said, it is exactly what I needed to hear.  I need to relax and take it easy.  I went to an AA function yesterday and saw an Alanon friend I haven’t seen in awhile (yes I dabble there too.  My dis-ease takes all shapes and forms.)  She asked me what I’ve been up to.  “Running the show,” I said.  I suspect she thought I was joking.  I couldn’t have been more serious.  A dear, wonderful friend of mine has a terrific sponsor whom I’ve known since the first days of my sobriety in 2001 (we’ll call it the first incarnation of my sobriety.)  She tells my friend “when in doubt, do nothing.”  What a tall order, but exactly what I must do.  I must let God be God.  I must do what is in front of me but aside from that I must do nothing.  We shall see how that works for me.


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