Jim Carroll 8/1/1949 – 9/11/2009

Jim Carroll; New Yorker, basketball prodigy, poet, junkie and punk rock icon, passed away at his writing desk on Friday from a heart attack.  He was 60.  Jim, alongside Aboriginal Australian and lifelong AA member Val Bryant, helped to establish Benelong’s Haven, the most well-known residential drug and alcohol treatment program for Aboriginal Australians in the 1970’s.  The Benelong program, established in 1974, was based firmly on Alcoholics Anonymous and residents of the program toured meetings of Sydney each week.  Benelong, the first residential drug and alcohol treatment program to be operated and controlled by an Aboriginal Australian, still thrives today and has helped many people who have experienced substance misuse problems.

You may have heard of Jim Carroll, as his journals were published in 1978 as The Basketball Diaries, made nearly 20 years later into a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  The film doesn’t tell a fraction of what there is to be told about the man.  A quite definitive site (get your reading glasses on,) is Catholic Boy.

Rest peacefully, Jim.  Tell Jack, Allen and the boys hello.


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