Wilco-Please Be Patient With Me

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy talks about creating without substances and depression.  From 2007’s Sky Blue Sky

“If I could make the record exactly how I want it to be, it would just be a record that you’d make out to and dance to. I don’t think I have as much desire right now to make riddles or be puzzling. Everything is so [messed] up in this world right now to me, I just think it’s a really good time to remind ourselves to dance.

“If we give up on the visceral beauty of playing rock music and just enjoying it on its total emotional level

“I still believe in that about as much as I believed in anything in my life — that there’s real transcendence and joy and community in rock ‘n’ roll,” he said.

“All the best parts of people coming together can be found in music — rock concerts, and the experience of listening to records with your friends, and becoming more human by being reminded of your feelings through a great record. I believe in all of that stuff.” (Jeff Tweedy’s Post-Depression Era)


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