Regina Spektor-Laughing With

Just a few minutes ago, Regina Spektor was chatting excitedly and laughing between sips of tea. Now, she’s shrinking to the far end of a sofa on the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel, squinting her huge eyes and twisting her rotini-like hair. Inevitably, the subject of religion has come up. You’d think an artist whose current single mentions God 33 times would have her views on the concept all worked out, especially considering her well-known backstory: She’s a Russian Jew, whose family immigrated to the Bronx in 1989 for religious freedom. But no, she’s actually pretty wishy-washy on the whole subject: “I don’t even know half the time what exactly I believe,” she says, sighing impatiently. “I do know that in some moments, I’m sarcastic about religion, and sometimes, I’m in awe of it, and sometimes, I’m angry at it, and sometimes, I love it.”  (From  Are You There, God?  It’s Me, Regina Spektor)


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