1989 part II (The eyes have it)

3072110205_f9ef2aea5cI went to my room and slipped the eyes into my dress blues coat, then proceeded to get blackout drunk with my friends.  When I woke up the next morning the first thought on my mind were the eyes.  I crept out of bed, careful not to wake my sleeping bunk mate.  I reached into the pocket of my blazer and withdrew the tooth-marked suncatcher craft eyes, filled only for a moment with remorse for what I had done.  I snuck out of the room and padded down the quiet hallway.  It was still early on Saturday morning and most of the girls on the floor were still asleep.  When I reached Lana’s room the door was open and I poked my head in.  She was putting together a puzzle, as she most often was, and I said Hi.  We chatted for a bit, laughing about the silliness of the night before.  No one had seen what I had done and I hadn’t said anything up to this point.  I was still new to the base and wasn’t close to any of these girls yet, certainly none of them were anything like confidants.  I was about to make one out of Lana.  I opened my hand and showed her my palm, where the eyes lay.  She looked and asked what the hell they were.  I told the story of what I had done the previous night, in humorous detail.  Lana didn’t like the girl either, no one really did, and she reveled in every word.  She suddenly stopped me and dashed out of the room.  She ran down to Belinda’s room and pulled her back up the hall to join us, begging me to repeat the story, word for word, which I did gladly.  I was building up a following.  I had arrived. The girls were in awe of my bravada and seemingly tickled by my storytelling.  The three of us hung tight like old friends all that day and drank together that night.  We were feeling no pain when Lana had a revelation:  “Let’s tape the eyes up on her door!”  Each of us had an acrylic message board affixed to the outside of our doors, the perfect place to attach a reminder of her loss.  She had discovered the mutilated deer earlier in the day and the scene had been dramatic.  It was all the three of us could do not to roll on the hallway floor pissing ourselves, watching her wail about her precious, eyeless plushie.  Now, bolstered by liquid courage, we were ready to drive her misery in to the bone and take the joke to the next level.  Lana went to her room to find scotch tape, I retrieved the eyes from my closet and Belinda found a marker to write on the board.  Together we put together the ultimate cruel jest.  It was Lana’s idea to write “The eyes have it.”  Beyond that I can’t remember what else we wrote; this was, after all, 20 years ago.  I remember Valerie standing in the hall watching us and the fact that she was the only observer not laughing at what was taking place, but I thought nothing of it at the time.  I was to find out why Valerie wasn’t laughing.

Studies beckon…


3 thoughts on “1989 part II (The eyes have it)

  1. Aaah! another cliff hanger!? Torture!
    What happens when an alcoholic crash test dummy goes for a joy ride? They find a wall to slam into. I don’t know if I can watch, yet I cannot look away. Please continue.

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