1989 part III (Bitte ein Bit)

6810-orgThe following week was a thrilling one for me.  I had a host of friends, thanks to my new-found celebrity status as a class “A” prankster.  My joy was dampened however, by the fear that I would be found out.  I hadn’t been staging a sophomoric caper by disfiguring her precious deer, I had acted spontaneously out of sheer malevolence.  I was a loathsome savage, not some character from Animal House to be admired for my bravada and sense of humor.  Word spread throughout the squadron regarding what I had done.  I quickly had a cult following to go along with my drunken reputation, one that my roommate was none to pleased with.  She had been on the base for over a year and did her share of partying but kept it under the radar, preferring to journey to destinations safely away from watchful eyes and wagging tongues to cut loose.  She disapproved of the fact that I let myself go for all to see and made no bones about letting me know that she thought me foolish.  At the end of the week I was drunk again with the same girls who had assisted with the eyecatcher ritual, this time on good German beer.  By early evening we were good and toasty, feeling no pain and singing repeated choruses of “the eyes have it.”  Our revelry came to a screeching halt when the security police walked onto the third floor and asked for each of us, by name.  We were all placed under arrest and taken to the Security Police Station.  None of us had a clue what was going on.  We weren’t handcuffed, that’s not the way of the military, not unless some heinous crime has been committed.  When we arrived at Security Police we were all taken to separate rooms, still unaware of why we had been brought “down the hill”.  I was intoxicated, as was always the case on a Friday night and often even on a weeknight, and the confusion for me was staggering.  I was placed in a chair in front of a senior officer, interrogation style.  He began to question me about the deer.


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