Hands are the giveaway

20130731-010704.jpgI have aged so… I always thought big knuckles would be the dead giveaway that I was turning into my mother. I was right.

Only I hope she isn’t up at 3:30, drinking coffee. She would be a nutcase.

I am, for certain, a nutcase. I started this journal/blog to delve into my alcoholism. I wrote like I was on fire, for awhile. I lost my enthusiasm for recovery from drugs and alcohol. That’s when I lost interest here, I guess. I still want and need sobriety, but AA wasn’t doing it anymore. Maybe I just wasn’t doing AA. I think often that I need to go back, at least for the fellowship. One of my firsts posts here was on fellowshipaholics. I wouldn’t mind being one of those for awhile. I was pretty down on a lot of stuff back then, but mostly on myself. I can’t believe I’m even writing this; it’s getting better. So my apologies to any fellowshipaholics out there; it sure beats the alternative.




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